Instead of embracing everyday as intensely loved and accepted sons and daughters of God, we believe the lies of an Orphan Heart mentality that poisons the place where love longs to reside.

Do you have unhealed Childhood Emoitional Wounds?

My Father My Son Explores the Heart of the Emotional Orphan.   A touching, gently straightforward book that will impact and inspire its readers to explore the inner workings of their hearts in order to find healing and fulfillment.  
April Dellinger - Charlotte Literature Examiner

My Father My Son is not just a book to be read, but a life to be experienced. Read it, then let it read you.  You will never be the same.
Leif Hetland, President - Global Mission Awareness

A well needed and well timed book for all those who need to discover the healing of their orphaned hearts and come home to the Father heart of God.
--Reverend Russ Parker, Director, Acorn Christian Healing Foundation, UK

How can we be good parents,  spouses, and friends if we have unhealed childhood emotional wounds?  My book is about how adults can receive inner healing of those childhood emotional wounds.  We receive our image of god from our parents.  Children with physically or emotionally absent fathers do not experience a father’s love and can not comprehend God’s fatherly love. These became the emotionally wounded parents of future generations.  You may be one of them.  My book also shows the pathway to an intimate relationship with the Father.

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Your heart is talking. Are you listening?

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