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You are going to love the REAL You!You are going to love the REAL You!

THM-Finding the REAL YOU.
Bruce Brodowski never got to play ball with his dad. He never got to hear his dad say “Good job, son.” As a war orphan, having lost his father during World War II, before he was born, he missed what many take for granted. He was an alcoholic and almost homeless on the streets. He knows your emotional pain. He experienced it.
He found hope, though, in faith and a relationship with God the Father who healed the hurt of his emotional wounds which made him feel unloved and abandoned.
The author of The Dad I Never Knew: A War Orphan’s Search for Inner Healing and My Father My Son: Healing the Orphan Heart with the Father’s Love, Brodowski has extensive ministry experience as a prayer minister for healing. He has worked with Ecumenical Healing Ministries of Southwest Virginia and is a member of Fellowship of Christ the Healer/USA.
He is a graduate of Christian Healing Ministries in Jacksonville, Florida. His training and concern led him to found the cross denominational non-profit organization Transformational Healing Ministries\Carolinas Ecumenical Healing Ministries(THM|CEHM) as a service to others seeking emotional and spiritual healing.
THM|CEHM is an associate ministry of Randy Clark’s Apostolic Network of Global Awakening.  He has ministered on missions to Guatemala, Cuba and Brazil. He was ordained as Pastor of an Itinerant Ministry through Global Awakening in 2016. He is also credentialed as Pastor thought Bethel Redding’s “The River.”
He now assists others who suffer throughout the world, by his active involvement in healing prayer ministry. As an author, teacher, preacher, and speaker, he extends his insights to help hurting people experience the Father’s limitless love.   He focuses on healing childhood emotional wounds in wounded adults.
Bruce Brodowski was born in 1945 three months after his dad was killed in Germany in WWII. His mother developed cancer in 1950 and in 1955 she lost her battle with cancer when Bruce was ten years old.  His mother’s last dying wish was for him to study hard and become a doctor.  Without a father around Bruce developed the classical symptoms of an orphan heart.  With his mother’s death he felt betrayed, unloved, unlovable, unwanted, rejected, abandoned, and just didn’t fit in.  He was forced to unwillingly live with an aunt, uncle, and cousin by his mother’s wishes in her will.  He had planned to runaway several times.
His teenage years proved to be disastrous encounters in relationships.  The harder he tried to be accepted, the worse he failed.  College became the educational grounds for looking for love in all the wrong places, chasing women, and becoming an alcoholic.  He never achieved the course grades necessary for medical school thus reinforcing his  failure complex.  He also failed in marriage and a career only to succeed in bar room drinking 101.  After his divorce in 1980, he spent years in bar rooms, failed relationships, and changing jobs.  This resulted in escapades in Florida, Texas, and North Carolina.
Then in 2007 Bruce received healing for his emotional wounds.  This experience profoundly impressed upon him the importance of the Father’s Love and launched him to preach and teach about the Father’s embrace.  Now in full time ministry, his mission is to lead people into intimacy with the Fathering heart of God through out the world.  He has seen many physical, emotional, and inner healings both here in the US and on healing missions to Guatemala, Cuba, and Brazil. Through his teachings on forgiveness, stongholds, identity, and the Father’s love, people find a road to their REAL Selves.
He is an author of three books two of which are “My Father, My Son, Healing the Orphan Heart with the Father’s Love and Healing Childhood Emotional Wounds in Adults.